Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get my board?
(Q) How quickly will I get my board?

In the end, when it comes to choosing your fantasy football draft board and player label kit, we know that you have a choice. To add as much value to our draft kit as possible, we operate a same-day shipping fulfillment center. So as our customer, if you place any Express order (2 day or Overnight) by 11 AM Eastern Time – you should expect your order to go out that day. All Regular (free shipping) orders will go out within 24 hours. Quite simply - we take pride in being able to get your order quicker than anybody else.

Typically, our regular free shipping service delivers your draft kit in 3-4 days. But make no mistake about it – if your draft night is in less than 4 days, you are rolling the dice a little. And if there is anything less worth rolling the dice on, its draft night with no draft board and player label kit. It hurts to even think about! So if you cut it a little close with your order’s proximity to draft night, don’t be surprised if you get a little courtesy call from our customer service. Dare we say - your draft night is our draft night?

Our 2 day and Overnight Express Services are guaranteed. And nothing helps the commissioner sleep a little better at night than being 100% certain that the league’s kit is going to be there. So before rolling that dice, we strongly urge you to consider using an express shipping options for peace of mind that leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the delivery of your draft kit.

(Q) What is 80 pound paper stock? Is your kit 80 pounds?

Yes. We do get asked this. Please excuse the fancy terminology as it is just the result of our 10+ years of experience in the paper and printing industry. So, to us - it means something – and as a potential customer of a fantasy football draft board, it should to you too. “80 pound stock” in the printing industry represents a high-quality, heavy grade of paper that is typically associated with industrial uses. In fact, it isn’t even called ‘paper’ in the industry – it’s called “stock”. This ain’t no regular paper!

In our search for the best draft board product possible and in dealing with some of the biggest, most resourceful paper manufacturers in the world, 80-pound stock was unanimously chosen as the way to go. It is pliable, yet plenty sturdy enough to endure a fair amount of ‘abuse’ at draft night. This is important.

(Q) Are your labels updated to reflect the freshest, relevant NFL Player data?

Our philosophy on our player label kit is simple: Go Deep. Go deep on those depth charts and as far into this year’s NFL draft’s rookie class as possible - even at the expense of including more label sheets. Yes, we include a free commissioner’s marker and a blank label sheet just in case, but we take pride in that blank label sheet being barely used – and the satisfaction for our customers when they see that we actually have “Jalen Parmalee” ready to be peeled right off.

Just as a frame of reference, we have 110 WR’s in our kit. That’s sufficient for covering the top 3 wide receivers on every NFL team, and in some cases the top 4. Can you name the 3rd wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams? We can. And maybe even the 4th.

  • 110 WRs: top 3+ WR’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Danny Coale, anybody?)
  • 110 RBs: top 3+ RB’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Bilal Powell, anybody?)
  • 66 QBs: top 2+ QB’s on all 32 NFL Teams (Mike Kafka, anybody?)
  • 44 TE’s: top TE on each team, plus 12 backups (Evan Rodriguez, anybody?)
  • 44 K: top Kicker on all 32 NFL teams, plus some change
  • 44 Special Teams/Defense: All 32 NFL teams
  • 22 blank labels just in case Brett Favre makes another comeback!

(Q) Those are some big bye weeks on those labels, what’s that all about?

By far, the most commented-on, and appreciated aspect of our fantasy football NFL Player label kit is our attention to the detail of the bye week. This is a critical piece of information and something that is widely over-looked. We all pretty much know that Drew Brees plays for the New Orleans Saints and that he is a quarterback (yellow sheet), we don’t need much help with that – but when is bye week? Having Philip Rivers and Drew Brees as my quarterbacks certainly sounds good but….oops. Week 10 is going to hurt.

Aside from the player name itself, nothing is more important and purposeful than the display of the bye week number.

(Q) How are you able to offer a 4 ft. by 6 ft. fantasy football draft board, 440 NFL Player labels, Commissioner’s marker and Free Shipping for $25 flat? What’s the catch? To be sure you are going to tack on some sort of board enlargement fee, or special secret shipping fee at checkout?

Nope. From day one – our goal has been to offer a full scale fantasy football draft board and player label kit for reasonable cost while making no concessions for quality. Order simplicity and cost is the name of our game. Though sometimes this gets difficult with rising materials costs and our desire to add more features to our kit, we are committed to sustaining this goal that we set out from the beginning. If that means more late nights, more pencil-sharpening from our vendors or hand-delivering a kit to a local customer – that’s what we shall do.